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Founder And Managing Director

Founder And Managing Director


Career History



Manufacturing complete Precision stamping tool for producing Laminations, automotive parts, white goods, coining/franking dies, bending, forming, shearing. Additionally Parts for Aeronautical industry. Plastic Injection Moulds. Special Purpose Machinery. Plus much more.


Worked as a toolmaker with several UK companies

From late 70’s moved into manufacturing with a very large American global organisation starting as a Toolmaker. Then over a period of several years being promoted to run below departments


Managing departments descriptions

  • Tool room

  • Press Department, having several large presses for Blanking, Noting and Progressive dies

  • Assembly Department producing fully wound components

  • Fabrication Department

  • Machining Department for large Shaft, fabrications and grey iron castings

  • Sheet Metal Department, forming, shearing, bending, spot welding, riveting, Turret punching

  • Total of 350 shop floor workers with 8 team leaders some working 24/7


Manufacturing Department Management Improvement Programmes

  • Introduced Supervisor Process, People, Process Changes

  • Develop Team working environments

  • Introducing new technologies

  • Introduced Weekly Communication sessions with Communication/Information boards

  • Introduced ne tooling and equipment

  • Ergonomic working environment

  • Set up Manufacturing Monitoring, Takt time

  • Kaizen, Lean, Teamwork, Employee Training/Development

  • Product and Personnel Monitoring/Tracking in real time

  • VSM

  • Quality improvements to PPM levels



Working on Make Verses Buy programme leading to Outsourcing projects

Started with Sheet Metal, then Shafts, Fabrication and Machining then finally Assembly


Global Purchase Manager

During mid-90’s a career change to Global Purchase

Including involved with setting/developing up new/current facility in Mexico, China, India, Germany and Romania

  • Globally Outsourcing various complete parts/processes

  • Setting up International Purchase Offices (IPO) in India and China

  • Setting up global suppliers quality as an SQIE Manager

  • Selecting new and potential local and global suppliers

  • Developing company purchase departments to be globally aligned


Global Commodity Leader

  • Running local and Global teams managing complex supply routes and suppliers. Extension of previous position

  • Yearly savings targets of $10 Million

  • Total spend in excess of $280 Million


Simmotech. Ltd


America’s. Two Companies, plus sub-suppliers (Tier one)

  • Lamination and Core Building Company improvements

  • Process improvement, cost reduction, new technologies, developing new and current suppliers, quality improvements, team developments, introducing 6S, Kaizen, VSM, Team development, Process controls and improvements. Supplier development, Quality improvements, Labour reduction, manufacturing monitoring programme. Savings in excess of $14 Million per year


Europe. Three Different Companies

  • Implement change as a culture with management and shop floor

  • Purchasing parts from Asia giving yearly savings at each company more that £1.2 Million

  • Manage manufacturing costs identifying improvement areas such as Bottleneck management, Investment, New technologies, Waste reduction, Employee satisfaction, New layouts

  • Reduce manufacturing cost by sub-contracting certain parts or functions while maintaining security and IP. Run Make verses Buy program

  • Communication improvements such as Discussion and Tracking Boards, Print outs, Daily feedback sessions at start and end of shifts etc. Accountability, mainly maintained by Employees

  • Identifying improvement projects in supply chain. Working one to one with suppliers



  • Setting up and researching supply chains to meet Customers requirements

  • Recruiting new personal for several companies

  • Developing suppliers capabilities and introduce KPI’s

  • Selecting a fabricator/machinist for Global supply

  • Selecting Steel Shaft manufacturer for Global supply

  • Selected Electrical Steel Slitting company for European Customer

  • Developed Automotive Tooling manufacturer to be at global standard

  • Additional improvements similar with Mexico    


  • Research and selecting Lamination and Core Building Company for Global supply

  • Selecting Electrical Motor and Generator Electronic Protection Manufacturer for Global supply

  • Selected Rubber seal and Mould manufacturer to work with

  • Currently investigating additional potential global suppliers that I will work with


Training and Experience

During this period training and projects were successfully completed for the following skills

  • People skills/training/development/time management

  • Six Sigma

  • Kaizen

  • VST

  • 6S

  • Employee Satisfaction

  • SQIE/Quality management

  • Managing complex supply chains

  • Global negotiations

  • Lean manufacturing

  • Commodity structuring

  • Cost savings

  • Process improvements

  • Introducing New Technologies

  • Global supply and management

  • Supplier development and management including selection and removal

  • Health and Safety

  • Working in the Community


SimmoTech has several long-term customers:

  • Various projects are managed on a daily basis

  • Including new projects for global supply and cost reductions


  • Assisting global supply chains from Asia into Europe and Americas

  • Supplier selection and development

  • Hosting Customer potential supplier visits

  • Commodity structuring

  • Reviewing Manufacturing lines/processes for improvement and cost savings. Processes used such as Lean manufacturing, Kaizen, Introducing Takt time, Value Stream manufacturing


Management Shop floor training

  • People assessment/development

  • Global commodity structuring

  • Identifying improvements at all levels

  • Strategy structuring/processes

  • Setting up new way of working/practices

  • Team development

  • Waste Elimination

  • Cost reductions and entitlement 

  • Factory layout and improvements

  • Purchasing complete assemblies

  • Kaizen and Six Sigma 

  • Project tracking and management


We are supporting Sales from Asia Globally

  • Automotive tooling for Stamping, Pressing and Transfer processes

  • High Precision Lamination Stamping tooling

  • Fully machined Steel fabrications

  • Fully Machined Precision Steel Shafts

  • Hydraulic Presses

  • Mechanical Equipment Hinge Pins and Bushes

  • Electric Motors and Compressor Motors


Where Simmotech can help

  • Run and develop manufacturing capability with introducing sustainable improvements

  • Review potential outsourcing projects, by Obtain costs for assemblies from various sources/countries

  • Set up shop floor layouts and improvements teams focusing on bottlenecks and potential safety issues

  • Housekeeping

  • VST, 6S, Kaizen

  • Identifying Sustainable improvements in all sections

  • Commodity Structuring

  • Team development

  • Environmental development and policy Introduction

  • Community activity   

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